Areas of Interest

Alterity, Identity, and immigrants

We are a fabric of one and the other, and to weave one we need the threads of other.

Web with Joomla

Along with website development using dreamweaver and flash, I have used joomla since its inception. My participation as a volunteer in joomla 2012, in San José, California, confirmed my interest and since then everything I do says <hello world> through joomla!


I realized that with five fingers on one hand, it was not possible to play all six strings on a guitar. With the ukulele I have a finger left over. There we go learning!

Research Methodologies

An approach to participatory research, focused on the action belonging

Hand-drawn and digital illustrations

I have always been fascinated by the adventure of a pencil between my fingers, unfolding eternally on infinite paper.


Not a metaverse, a false reality that one enters, but a plural and diverse bioverse in which we are immersed.

Massage Therapy and Spiritual Wellness

Through therapeutic massage, other senses are opened to understanding, where what is heard and seen, returns the primordial space to what is touched and felt. Through massage, history, memory and the envelope of bodies and their representations are touched.

Writing and Storybooks

Story writing with pictures to recreate the senses and deep meanings, beyond words.

Mountains / Nature

The mountains occupy a special place in the eyes of those who go up and down following and making paths.

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