Professional Services

Creative facilitator with extensive experience in social development and participatory research. My academic studies and first-hand experiences in four different countries, led me to develop methodologies and educational resources to facilitate learning environtments in the formation of intercultural leadership skills.

Web and Education

Web-based education using videos and course creation with advanced functionalities.

Image-Photo post-production

Modification and adaptation of photos, resizing, retouching and rescuing images with art and sense.

E- learning course creation

Utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom with experience in non-traditional classrooms training and education and using technologies for course creation.

Illustrations and Photography

Making ideas clearer by giving examples or by using diagrams, drawing or pictures.

Video editing and publishing

Editing segments of motion video production footage, special effects and sound recordings in the post-production process and publishing for self private and public audiences, from communication to marketing, education, music and digital art. Instructional. Final cut Pro, Davinci-Resolve

Digital publishing

Using technology to digitize content to be disseminated trhough e-publishing in electronic devices for reaching global audiences.


a file that has all the specifications needed to produce a high-resolution print product, without requiring any additional alteration or intervention.


All production can be made in both English and Spanish which allows for reaching out a wider and hard-to-reach audience.

Participatory research

Participatory action research is an approach to action research emphasizing participation and action by members of communities affected by that research. It seeks to understand the world by trying to change it, collaboratively and following reflection

Web +

From the simplest to the most complex web, we guide you through the process by analyzing the strengths of your idea and working on the needs in depth. Our goal is that you have a website that is not only eye-catching, but functional and fast. And above all, it must meet our UX and UI goals on any device.

On-site and in-person trainings

Onsite training is training delivered to an organization's employees at its site or another location arranged for by the organization

Development Programs

Using and holistic approach for promoting learning and development opportunities  for individuals and their community

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