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Seeking to tear down my own barriers, those that blind me to experience life

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accepting what changes in life

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Leaving free what I want to own



Web Art Hosting

I offer my skills as a web designer for people and companies committed to creating a better world. If you want a legacy that will endure and reinforce a new world, then I will creatively help you present your thoughts and imagination of aspirations so that you can achieve it with a captivating and interactive web presence.

Travel Program

As the new administrator for Estevez Travel, I invite you to consider traveling to Cuba to learn by your own experience how people in Cuba live.

Graphic and Digital Publishing

I dedicate my graphic design skills to help you create educational materials for improving intercultural exchanges of knowledge and ideas through a  participatory and collaborative channel of communication. 


Consulting and Trainings

Experienced in social development across the American continent, I offer my services in Trainings and Consultation for projects and programs dedicated to social and ecologically sustainable development.


Weaving intercultural and diverse strings of communication through translations by someone that have lived, worked, and studied across the American continent.

Massage Therapist

Therapeutic and Compassionate Touch

  • Deep Tissue
  • Energy Healing
  • Geriatric Massage
American Massage Therapy Association
Exploring and advancing ...

I can not stop exploring, imagining, and moving forward. I'm sure I do not have a quiet mind or a quiet spirit. I am self motivated, with my own energy that emerges from being.