Work Experience

2004 to Present

Web Art Hosting Creative

2004 to Present

2019 to the present

Author of children's books

Published storiebooks for children in Spanish and English. The most recent Little Worm, is about the vicissitudes of a little worm to become a butterfly.

2019 to present


Photographer collaborator of Adobe Stock

2019 to present

2019 to present

Subject Matter Expert and Translator

Foreign Language Translators and Bilingual WPS Subject Matter Expert Reviewer at Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative.

Published in 2019

Disasters in Florida book

Book by Dr. Anthony Oliver-Smith and Dr. Amanda Concha-Holmes. Co-Author, technical and editorial support for publication

Published in 2019

2018 - present

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy oriented to elderly and people affected by movement disorders. Currently developing an approach called One Healing Path - Camino de Sanar



Developer for a course certification on Worker Protection Standard, 2015 revision for UF-IFAS. Reviewing training materials (English, Spanish)to assemble training content in Articulate Storyline for an online training, which involve tasks like reviewing content to design interactions, filming and editing instructional videos, image support, and overall design and layout.



Subject Matter Expert

Creation of Poster for Central Posting Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative


Curriculum Specialist

I worked for the Farmworker Association of Florida (FWAF) in two roles. As an Educator  Curriculum Specialist for aSusan Harwood grant, for four consecutive years, to build a long term health and safety capacity and provide training on hazards including heat stress, chemical exposure and workers’ rights under OSHA to farmworkers. The program developed a training for agricultural workers and specific to citrus pickers. Training and materials were created and provided in Spanish and creole for Haitian workers. In addition, I collaborated with implementing an Agroecology program with farmworker families in Central and South Florida.

During the seven years working for this organization, I developed, designed, and maintened their website, supported and trained staff members on communication and technology.



Technology Coordinator

For three years I co-coordinated Youth Empowerment Program for the Farmworker Association of Florida, which focused on HIV prevention education among Spanish- and Creole-speaking youth in farmworker communities.


Study Abroad assistant

At International Outreach Educational Center, I assisted with the logistic tasks for their Language and Cultural Study Abroad program for US college students who traveled to Cuba under their college's licence. Another task also consisted in designing and managing their institutional website.



Program coordinator

At El Circo del Mundo Chile, I was in charge of developing a study about the social benefits of the circus with children and their families, who participated in the minicompañia, an elite group that developed circus shows, in Santiago, Chile.
Later, I led a team formed by a psychologist and 4 circus instructors, during the implementation of a program that involved the circus arts with the development of resilience, with children from 6 to 18 years old. In addition, during this program a study on the development of humor was carried out, as a strategy to face the stressful experiences of children from 3 to 5 years of age, who attended pre-school education centers. Both the circus and resilience program as well as the study on the development of humor, interactive clowning, were implemented in the town of Alto Hospicio. Most of the funding for this program came from the Bernard van Lear Foundation, from Netherlands, and 20% of the resources were successfully acquired through CONACE projects (for the prevention of drug use) and FONDART (for the development of Arts).


Agricultural Extension

Agricultural extensionist as a member of the Tierra Viva Ecological Group, Plan International Cañar, the DONUM Foundation, and independently, with peasants from runa and mestizo communities, facilitating the exchange of knowledge between traditional Andean agriculture and organic agriculture and agroecology, which was made known through the collective creation of family and community gardens, with the aim of complementing and diversifying the traditional diet.



Research Team Member

Member of a team del Grupo Ecológico Tierra Viva, that developed a structural floristic inventory of the upper and middle basins of the Paute River, and implemented demonstration plots of silvicultural management, agroforestry, and management of secondary high altitude cloud forest and regeneration, seeking to advance knowledge that would allow mitigating the soil erosion products of deforestation and mountain agriculture, which were causing the sedimentation of the waters that feed the Paute hydroelectric plant, the largest in Ecuador, which provided about 70% of the country's electricity.

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